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The idea behind Sally's Toy was inspired by our personal experiences. Our story began in 2010, when a 24-year-old woman met a 30-year-old man. Each of us had long-term partners, but we both had limited knowledge of sex and never fully addressed its role in our relationships. When we started our relationship, we were determined to master our intimate lives and soon realized how ignorant we were about sex. Growing up in a traditional family and receiving local education in Hong Kong, we had minimal exposure to sexual knowledge. One day, he gifted me a cigar-shaped vibrator, encouraging me to explore my own body. That night, with everyone else asleep, I spent hours online learning about the clitoris, female masturbation, and much more. It was then that I experienced my first orgasm. From that moment on, vibrators and other sex toys became a frequent part of our lives, serving two main purposes: learning tools for our own bodies and intimate enhancers. Our newfound understanding and openness about sex made our relationship comfortable and fulfilling. We realized how significant an impact sex has on a relationship and a person's life. This inspired us to share our experiences with others, showing how healthy and satisfying sex can lead to a better life. We believe that quality intimate life isn't just about chasing orgasms; the atmosphere and feelings are equally important. That's why we're not just a regular sex shop, but an Intimate Lifestyle Store. We offer knowledge and quality products, promoting a fulfilling sex life and, ultimately, a happier life. The importance of a quality sex toy, especially for first-time users, cannot be overstated. Just like your first taste of red wine, your first oyster, or your first uni sushi, a poor-quality product could lead you to believe that all similar products are unpalatable. That's why we only sell the highest quality, safe, and truly useful products. With this conviction, we created Sally's Toy. Instead of salespeople or customer service representatives, we have Intimate Stylists. Each of them is equipped with professional knowledge and provides the best advice to help you achieve your ideal intimate life. This is Sally's Toy – a warm and welcoming sex shop from Hong Kong. But who is Sally? In truth, there isn't a single Sally. Everyone can be Sally. Sally represents a person with a strong personality, independence, open-mindedness, and abundant sexual knowledge. It symbolizes that everyone has unique sexual needs. Sally is eager to discuss sex, listen to your thoughts, and answer any questions about intimacy. At Sally's Toy, we look forward to exploring the mysteries of sex with you and filling your life with love and passion.
Vera Lui & Picco Chu
Sally's Toy & Sally Coco Intimate Lifestyle Store is owned and used by Revecoco Limited

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